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For over 25 years Blue Star has been one of the most influential organizations in selecting and advising such publications rankings and listings as found in The Sporting News, USA Today, Gatorade Circle of Champions, and McDonalds All American Team just to name a few. These rankings and evaluations are part of our national Blue Star Report available to media & colleges across the country.

Congrats to Cara Pearson for joining UIC staff.

Cara Pearson just accepted an assistant coaching position at University of Illinois - Chicago with head...


Congrats to Kelley Watts as she takes over the helm at St. Joseph’s College in Long Island.

Congrats to Kelley Watts for being named the new Head Coach at St. Joseph’s College in...


Congrats to Michael Kotrozos he joins the staff at Wagner College

Mike Kotrozos just accepted an assistant coaching position at Wagner College with head coach Lisa Cermignano....


Congrats to Pam Oswald as she takes over the Keiser at Northwood University program in Florida!

Pam Oswald just accepted the head coaching position at Keiser at Northwood University in West Palm...


Congrats to Christian Stefanopoulos as she joins the staff at Seton Hall University

Christian Stefanopoulos just accepted an assistant coaching position at Seton Hall Unviersity with head coach Anthony...


Congrats to Autumn Rademacher as she joins the staff at Arkansas State University

Autumn Rademacher just accepted an assistant coaching position at Arkansas State University with head coach Brian...


College Coaches: Blue Star Report - June 1 - Sign Up Begins

College Coaches Subscribing to the Blue Star Report - if your invoice is PROCESSED before...


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Blue Star Productions: Rising Blue Star

What is Rising Blue Star?

Rising Blue Star Report provides projections for what levels of play girls basketball prospects will likely attain given their natural progress.  THIS IS NOT A RANKINGS LIST.  We will be grouping players from all over the country that have attended 11U Nationals, 12U Nationals, 13U Nationals, as well as some players from 14U Nationals. We will also include campers that attend our August and September Rising Blue Star (7th/8th) Camps and various participants in USJN events that fall in to this age category.  2007's report contained nearly 800 players from all over the country.

The Rising Blue Star Report will be broken down as follows:

  • Major Level
  • D1 Level  (at some level)
  • Keep Eye On

when I evaluated Lindsay Whalen at a middle school age I gave her a "Keep Eye On" evaluation - decent frame, aggressive penetration, but lacked skill - thus was worth keeping an eye on.  When Candace Parker came out at a young age everyone saw that she was a "Major Level" player.  Example3 - a player is 5'5 confident handle, has big feet so likely to grow, shoots 3pter w/ slight push but will likely get stronger - keep an eye on her.

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Why Should I Sign Up?

I am excited to introduce to the girls basketball world the Rising Blue Star Basketball Report.  I know that a number of you have crossed paths with me at some point in time during my 15 years of involvement with the game as a college coach/recruiter or event operator/evaluator.

My passion for recruiting and finding younger talent at an early age is something that has truly helped me thoughout my career.  With the new recruiting rules and calendars Mike, myself, and the Blue Star staff would like to offer to you the scouting service that will change the face of college recruiting and truly give you the EARLY ADVANTAGE.  

We all know that very few colleges would give a player a scholarship based on an evaluation made at the 7th grade level, but as a college recruiter I wanted to be pointed toward the top players, and then I would do the rest.  THAT is what Rising Blue Star Report, is all about. With the recruiting wars reaching an all-time high in our sport, this is the first report that will genuinely give you a recruiting advantage. Don't let your competitors be the first to establish contact with our next young Rising Blue Stars.


Chris Mennig